Sales of air conditioning technology


Vzduchotechnika ŠLAPAL, spol. s r.o.

Implementation of ventilation and air conditioning, pipe manufacturing, measurement and adjustment, inspection of fire dampers. Sale: fans, hoods, HVAC equipment - against the storm shutters, dampers, etc. Authorized Center firms and Remak Atrea. Hot-air ventilation and heating of houses.

Dolní Dobrouč-Horní Dobrouč 147, Dolní Dobrouč

Bc. Jiří Jurenka, klimatizace

Sale, supply and installation of air conditioning, heat pumps.

Červená Voda 63, Červená Voda

Vzduchotechnika Veselý, s.r.o.

Manufacture of air conditioning components, including all technical and technological base necessary to implement air-conditioning projects. Supply, installation and servicing of equipment.

Sloupnice-Dolní Sloupnice 198, Sloupnice

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